What are the prices for the prints?

To obtain a quote, please contact one of our agents in your area.

Is there a difference between black & white print to a colour print?

No. The price is per m2 of print regardless of the colours.

What size can you print?

The maximum size we can print is 2.5 M height and no limit on the width. The minimum job size is 1 m2.

Can I print on walls that are not white?

The best results are on White (or light cream colour). We can’t print on dark colours such as Black or dark Blue.

Zeescape can offer a painting service for an extra charge.

What types of surfaces can be printed on?

We can print on almost any flat surface! Including: Plaster wall, Render, Glass, Wood, Tiles, Steel, Canvas, Blinds and many more!

How long does it take to do the job?

The printer will print 1 m2 in 30 minutes and we have 30 minutes setup time depending on the size of your job.

For example a 4 m2 job will take 2 hours of print plus 30 minutes for setup so total of 2.5 hours to complete.

How can I remove the print when I don’t want it anymore?

Simply apply two coats of paint to the wall.

How long will the print last for?

Zeescape has a guarantee of 5 years for outdoor prints and 20+ years on indoor prints!

The print will be dry 20 minutes after the job is complete and you can wipe the wall with a wet cloth to clean the wall without damaging the print.

Which photos can I use?

Any good quality photo will be good to use. A good quality photo means 300DPI or 150DPI at the actual size you want to print.

You can also look at our recommended image stock site ShutterStock at – www.shutterstock.com and choose from over 25 million of high quality images.

If we couldn’t answer your question please send it to us and we will answer it as soon as possible!

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